Sports has always been an integral part of our youth's upbringing. Remember attending evening baseball games with your parents? Watching sunday football? Playing in soccer games as a young child? These are memories we will keep with us for lifetime and pass on to our children. It is no wonder that youth sports participation is at an all time high in our nation.

How popular are different youth sports today?

Basketball Dunk


900,000 boys and girls nationwide participated in 2019

Softball Equipment



Tee ball

'America's favorite pastime' with many variations available  



Leads to the most interscholastic participants

Big Kick


Fastest growing sport in America and one of the easiest sports to start at a young age

Track 123.jpg

track and field

Allows for individual or team participation

Why sports fitness?

With childhood obesity plaguing one in three American children, participation in youth sports has become an important tool for keeping kids healthy. The FitKid App's goal is to make sure our youth continue to participate and stay healthy into adulthood.

Start Early

Studies have shown that kids who start in sports between the ages of 4 & 6 not only have a lower rate of obesity as they grow older but also score higher on test scores, have a higher college acceptance rate and also have higher lifetime earnings. FitKid techniques are designed for 4-12 year olds. Lets get our kids healthy now.

Avoid Burnout

There is significant drop out of participants the kids grow older. This is mainly due to the lack of interest in the sport these kids are participating in. We at the FitKid App believe that if you keep teaching the kids the right techniques for specific sports, the participants (child and parent) will stay interested due to confidence in the the higher level of play. 

Teach to avoid Injury

With the growing concerns in sports , especially with concussions and other injuries in our youth, it is even more important to have the correct form and techniques when participating in sports.

Youth Sports to fuel the future

Sports lead to confidence and the desire to do better in life. Promoting these healthy activities will allow for our children to grow up smarter and more focused.

Unlock your kid's true sports potential!